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Please fill out the form below to become a Friend of George! Friends of George receive periodic news updates about the project sent directly to their email inboxes. We welcome all comments and feedback and will endeavour to get back you shortly. If you have any particular skill that you feel could contribute to the success of the project we also invite you to fill out the form. Information submitted will not be onsold to third parties. At a minimum, fields highlighted with an asterisk are required to complete the form. If you experience any problems with the submission, please contact us at: GeorgeVtrust@gmail.com.

Note. The form doesn't display correctly in Internet Explorer however this glitch won't affect functionality (it just looks strange). Please keep 'Skills' and 'Comments' entries as short as possible else the 'Confirmed' button disappear outside the form frame making it unselectable. If you encounter this error hit your browser's back button and shorten the entries. A maximum of four lines for each should suffice. For longer comments and skills lists please email us instead!